Following in the footsteps of famous composers Anton Bruckner Symphony Trail

The hiking trail, spanning approximately 9 km, begins at Anton Bruckner’s home in Ansfelden, which now houses the Anton Bruckner Museum, and ends in St Florian, where the great composer was buried in the crypt in the monastery basilica in 1896.

The trail takes around 2¾ hours to complete, leading through fields and meadows, with ten informational stops along the way to teach visitors about Bruckner’s symphonies. Hikers can also rent an MP3 player with symphony excerpts at the trailhead to add a musical dimension to their walk.

MP3 player rentals

Rent an MP3 player from either the Anton Bruckner Centrum or the Anton Bruckner Museum. MP3 players can also be returned there, or at the St Florian Monastery shop (St Florian Monastery).

Prices: 22€ entry, includes 2€ donation