Themed tours of the city on the Danube A host of different ways to discover Linz

When it comes to discovering Linz, visitors are spoiled for choice! Taste your way through the city, investigate real criminal cases, see Linz through the eyes of famous personalities or immerse yourself in its history – our guides have so many different ways to put exciting facets of the city in the spotlight across a range of tours.

Special and themed tours of Linz

Learn fascinating things about Linz from a different perspective – our colourful variety of special tours allow you to see the city from a whole new angle!

Culinary tours

It is sometimes said that the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. The same applies when it comes to growing fond of a place. And as far as delicious food is concerned, Linz has a great abundance to offer. Our culinary tours allow the peckish traveller to discover new dining hotspots and truly tantalise their taste buds.

Historical tours

Linz has an eventful past that has had a strong impact on the city. With a helping hand from our guides, curious visitors can find out the stories behind memorials, get to know historical locations and learn interesting facts about Linz’s past.

Personalities who made their mark on Linz

Follow in the footsteps of great thinkers, famous composers and other prominent figures who have spent time in Linz.