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Who Anton Bruckner really was will forever remain hidden. What persists is his music, which takes your breath away, opens your heart and moves you. Anton makes the music. And in times where our feeling of togetherness often becomes more raw, the sound makes the music. Anton Bruckner chose the language of harmony in his symphonies and still delights thousands of people on every continent with it today. With mindfulness, respect and kindness, the world becomes a little better. In this way, a kind gesture can often have a great effect. For this reason, the Linz region in 2024 is not only celebrating Anton Bruckner's birthday, but also making music. Because music opens our hearts, just like a kind word.

All Bruckner events

All of Upper Austria becomes the stage

Completely unique: OÖ KuilturExpo

A festival for the whole of Upper Austria: On the occasion of Anton Bruckner’s 200th birthday, the whole state is celebrating Anton Bruckner with the OÖ KulturEXPO.

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A journey to discover Bruckner

A weekend in Linz will surprise and delight you: The package comprises 3 days and 2 nights in a hotel of your choice with breakfast and the three-day Linz Card.

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