For window-shoppers and bargain-hunters Linz’s shopping streets

It is always the people and their story that inspire fascination and make encounters unique – and the same applies on a shopping trip through the city on the Danube. In addition to Landstraße – the city’s popular shopping destination – visitors and locals are also attracted to its many side streets and their small, independent businesses. Why not see what you can discover?

Shopping through the city

Shopping on Linz’s Landstraße

Landstraße in Linz is one of the best known and most-frequented shopping streets in Austria. Starting at the Taubenmarkt square, it works its way south as far as the Musiktheater.

Stores and shopping arcades tempt you in to window-shop and offer a wide assortment of products. Fashion, books, accessories, shoes, furniture and much more are available in the numerous retail outlets. The wide selection extends from individual pieces to international brands.

Tip: In the side streets running off Linz’s Landstraße, there are countless high-end shops where unusual fashion and beauty trends, lovingly created souvenirs and culinary treats are waiting to be discovered.

Popular shopping streets in the city centre


Herrenstraße is short but sweet and runs from the Landhaus, or state parliament building, to the Mariendom cathedral. As well as historical buildings such as the Bischofshof (Bishop’s Residence), the street is home to a variety of shops to tempt prospective buyers. Distinctive eateries lure you in to interrupt your spending spree and indulge in culinary delights.


Head in a different direction and discover hidden gems away from Landstraße. Bischofstraße is the ideal place – a side street with lots of independent shops. In this shopping street, special emphasis is placed on handicrafts and fine details, bringing smiles of delight to many faces.

Take a stroll through Linz’s Old Town

With its welcoming ambience, Linz’s Old Town invites visitors to enjoy a relaxed amble around the shops. Unusual establishments offer distinctive goods ranging from furniture in unique designs to custom-made confectionery.

Often lovingly handcrafted, many of the products are special, one-of-a-kind items. The shopkeepers are also happy to make time for one-to-one advice.

Cafés and bars in the picture-perfect squares of the Old Town are inviting spots for a moment’s relaxation.

Discover the Old Town

Linz Labyrinth: Shopping off the beaten track

Upmarket boutiques, innovative gift shops and creative fashion, jewellery and antiques vendors. Away from its well-known retail hotspots, Linz offers special shops in which lovingly curated and selected individual pieces can be found. The Linz Labyrinth Urban Guide points the way through narrow passages and side streets to the most extraordinary addresses in Linz.

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