Discover Linz with your mobile phone Download the Visit-Linz-App for free

Discover Linz, play games, collect points and enjoy many benefits throughout the city: The Visit-Linz-App gives an overview of sights, shops, restaurants, hotels and events and features a gamification part.

A playful way to discover Linz

The Linz city map becomes a big game plan with different pins, behind which lie a variety of tasks, where knowledge, creativity and dedication are required:

Answer Quizzes: Show your knowledge of Linz in the case of exciting questions.

Discover traces: Experience the different scavenger hunts with questions and tasks

Catch Cakes: Chase the precious Linzer pies across the city

Collect Infos: Discover something new, amazing and fascinating

Earn points by resolving the tasks and games correctly. The points will be added up and saved in your profile. If you earn diligently points, you deserve a reward that you can redeem from products or activities across the city.

Open the Idea Box of the Visit-Linz-App and let yourself be inspired! Find out which Linz type you are and discover your personal highlights or use the idea finder to make a spontaneous decision for your Linz program.

Download the Visit-Linz-App for free at the Apple App Store or at the Google Play Store!

Linz on your smartphone

Before and during your visit to Linz, the Visit-Linz-App helps you to discover the city on the Danube! Sights, restaurants, shops, hotels and current events at a glance on your smartphone! Use the Visit-Linz-App before your visit to Linz to create your personal Linz program with only a few clicks. The practical filter function displays information by alphabet or location. Other Features:

Offline available

Send information quickly and easily to friends

Text reader

Available in German and English

Download the Visit-Linz-App for free at the Apple App Store or at the Google Play Store!

Use the Linz-Card on your Smartphone and enjoy all the advantages

Load the Linz-Card after your online purchase in the Visit-Linz-App. During its validity, it can be presented for inspection when redeeming the benefits. In addition, a new flag in the Visit-Linz App identifies all of the Linz-Card's benefit partners. So you can see all benefits at a glance.