Linz makes the impossible possible

Planet Linz is the place of unlimited possibilities. A place where spaceships land, astronauts search for Linzer Torte and where it’s about the small things in life. Linz is a city that is changing and reinventing itself time and again.

To travel to Linz is to celebrate life, curiosity and a certain lightness. And to find out that the most exciting adventures begin in our imagination. If you think beyond your boundaries, you live through the unexpected and become rich in experiences. From time to time, you can disrupt routines to try out something new. This is how we experience jam jar moments that linger in our memories and fill our time with small adventures. These are equally possible within your own four walls. And yet different surroundings inspire microadventures to a far greater extent.

May we introduce? The Prince of Linz

Your Average Joe goes on this fantastic journey full of charming encounters and unreal experiences in Linz.

He swaps his life as a golf caddie for a wild trip on the Danube. On this trip, he discovers the weirdest, wildest and funniest parts of the city, its people and himself. Joe enjoys the cultural exchange at the highest level, really immerses himself in the Steel City and finds very special mementos. Linz gets the best out of him, brings him new friendships and makes dreams come true. Joe won’t be super-rich, but instead, a “rich bitch” and, above all, rich in experiences. He becomes part of the city and takes it into his heart – with all its rough edges. But the wild trip is far from over: As the crowning glory, Joe becomes the “Prince of Linz” and enjoys the best party of his life.

Experience your microadventure in the Danube City

Linz invites you to encounter the everyday and the extraordinary with an open mind. Give yourself a very special souvenir. Immerse yourself in the world of theatre. Become a dragon whisperer, try a new sport. Party the whole night until the early morning and savour the sunrise by the Danube. Eat the best food in the city – whether it’s a Bosna (typical sausage) or a seven-course experience in an award-winning restaurant. Dance through a museum and choose your favourite work of art. Become a child again and be astonished. Form new friendships. Allow yourself to drift along, collect unforgettable experiences and let the impossible become possible.