Graffiti-Art in the Harbor of Linz Open Air Gallery Mural Harbor


Mural Harbor - Harbor Gallery Regensburgerstraße 2 4020 Linz


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Various tours. More Information online.

Mural Harbor can ony be visited within a guided tour.


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For groups it is possible to get individual tours. More information.

In the harbor of Linz are a lot of huge warehouses, containers, cranes and railways. By general desire of the habitants and the workers in the area, it has been decided to pimp up the buildings. Out of that project emerged one of the biggest coherent Graffiti-Galleries in Europe.

Mural Harbor already counts about two hundred Graffiti, adding more every year. National and international artists like Aryz, Lors, Nychos or Roa are already a big part of the gallery. The professional guides know every important thing about these artworks and after the guided tours every visitor can try to create a graffiti art piece by himself.

About 300 Graffiti, some of them of monumental size, decorate the facades of the old industrial constructions and offices at the harbor of Linz. Artists from about 30 nations transformed the beautiless docklands of Linz to an art hotspot. There are different ways to visit all the artworks in the area as for instance by boat or by foot. A professional will guide the visitors through the open-air-gallery. Every tour ends with a graffiti crash course for each guest.

The Linz Harbor is a private area. Mural Harbor can ony be visited within a guided tour.

Become a sprayer at Mural Harbor