Dr Walter Amon Warte tower is currently closed until further notice.

Take a trip to this jewel of nature The Dr Walter Amon Warte tower at Breitenstein

A short hike to this Breitenstein monument nestled among this idyllic natural landscape is well worth a visit. Hikers will find an observation tower, the Dr Walter Amon Warte, at the summit cross at the highest point of the hike – 956 metres up.

The tower was built in 1980 as OÖ Ferngas’s first modern radio station at Breitenstein, and measures 22 metres in height. The accessible platform there offers stunning panoramic views that stretch from the edge of the Bohemian Forest to the silvery peaks of the Alps.

Opening hours: 11 April to 31 October, 8 am to 8 pm (weather permitting)