Welcome to the city without the bells and whistles! Get to know Linz for yourself: honest, bold, old-fashioned, boring, always changing. This city on the Danube is like no other – nor should it be, because Linz is Linz. You can find museums, theatres and natural beauty anywhere. Linz is a city with rough edges, one that mocks itself and doesn’t take things too seriously. It’s also home to people who’ll welcome you with open arms.

We’ve all experienced moments when we’ve realised that flawless tourism advertising often has little in common with reality. Linz doesn’t need any of that, not anymore. The city wants to be honest, to be itself – it doesn’t want to put on an act; it just wants to live. And the great thing about that is it’s not just the people who live in Linz who can be themselves here. Visitors are also invited to be part of the city. Just the way they are. Without the bells and whistles!

A city full of prejudices?

100 people, 100 opinions: about the world’s problems, about finding joy in everyday life, about Linz. It’s possible to love the city, but you don’t have to. It’s possible to hate it – that’s fine, too. Life’s more interesting when we don’t all share the same views. The same is true for Linz. After all, there are many sides to every prejudice, and there’s strength in every weakness.

“Visit Linz, my dears!”

Form your own opinion about the city, get to know and love it, discover its weaknesses and have a good time. We can’t put it any better than flower seller Mohammed, who you’ll find on Herrenstraße: “Visit Linz, my dears!”

3 days
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Linz city break

Let's set off for a weekend in the Danube city! Linz invites you to make a stop on the banks of the Danube. A short holiday full of unforgettable moments awaits you.