Spectacular audio experiences on the Danube The Linz Klangwolken (Clouds of Sound)

Projected images, dance, fireworks, theatre, music and much more – this is the Linz Klangwolken (Clouds of Sound) event. With free admission, countless visitors are wowed by the impressive multimedia shows. Every autumn, three Klangwolken are held in Linz: the Visualised Klangwolke, the Children’s Klangwolke and the Classical Klangwolke.

More about the Klangwolken

Visualised Klangwolke

7 September 2024

The Visualised Klangwolke transforms the Donaupark between the Lentos Kunstmuseum and the Brucknerhaus concert hall into an open-air stage. Each year the Klangwolke tells a new story accompanied by modern music, fireworks, lasers, video projections, boats and additional elements. The natural landscape along the Danube and the river itself form a unique backdrop for the theme, which changes every year.

Children’s Klangwolke

8 September 2024

In Linz, children get their own Klangwolke! Once a year, the Donaupark is handed over to young culture seekers. The Children’s Klangwolke presents pieces related to current topics in a child-friendly way and promises a fun hands-on event with free admission. An entertaining open-air event for the whole family!

Klassische Klangwolke

15 September 2024

Around the Brucknerfest there will also be the Klassische Klangwolke (Classical Cloud of Sound). It presents classical music in the large hall of the Brucknerhaus Linz in the highest quality. The concert in the impressive hall is a good opportunity to get to know the impressive building on the Danube and the top-class music presented there.