The sociable loner Anton Bruckner in Linz

Linz changes. Also Anton Bruckner, who becomes a professional musician, star organist and symphony orchestra player here. In 1855, he is given the post of cathedral organist and is responsible for the Alter Dom as well as the parish church. He also works as a piano teacher and becomes choir master of the Liedertafel Frohsinn. He is already a master of improvisation on the organ and is building up complex sound creations. In Linz, he composes his first symphonies, which he reworks again and again. In his private life, he does not have as much success with women, and he likes to spend his evenings at the inns, where he enjoys large portions and orders beer in vast quantities. In 1868, he moves to Vienna, becomes professor of music theory and organ playing at the Conservatory and assumes the position of court organist. Time and again, he returns to his roots in Upper Austria.

Event highlights in Linz

Home port and place of longing Alter Dom and Bruckner Organ

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In the Alter Dom, you can admire the Bruckner Stairway and the organ, and at the latter, the composer spent much of his time. Austria Guides regularly offer special tours on this topic, and concerts will also take place in the Alter Dom.

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between historical and modern Anton Bruckner Private University

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The university for music, dance and drama in Linz is also named after Upper Austria’s most famous musician. The concerts in the modern building are often an insider tip.

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Being Anton Ars Electronia Center

1 February to 31 December 2024

This installation whisks you away into the soundscape of Anton Bruckner. In Deep Space 8K, at “Playing Anton”, you can recreate the imposing music of a Bruckner symphony.

Playing Anton

audio journey to Anton Bruckner Brucknerhaus Linz

all year round Where else is Anton Bruckner celebrated fittingly if not at “his” concert hall by the Danube. In addition to many concerts spread over the year, the performances of all eleven Bruckner symphonies with original instruments are unique. The festivities at the International Bruckner Festival Linz under the heading “Infinite expanses. Bruckner’s work as a reach for the stars” reach their climax from 4 September to 11 October 2024.

Events at the Brucknerhaus

Pals with Toni Bruckner Orchester Linz

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No orchestra in the world is as close to its eponym as the Bruckner Orchester Linz, which is also one of the leading orchestras of Central Europe. The opportunity to witness the musicians at concerts or at the Musiktheater should not be missed, particularly in 2024.

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