Roots of the Genius Anton Bruckner in St. Florian

When Bruckner returns to St. Florian after his training year in Linz and his time as a teacher’s assistant, he is overjoyed. In 1845, he takes up the job as assistant teacher in the school. At the same time, music becomes ever more important, and Bruckner perfects his organ playing. He becomes the organist and a private teacher of the St. Florian Boys Choir, which he teaches very good-naturedly. St. Florian never releases its hold on him and after his death, Bruckner’s wish to find his final resting place under the organ in St. Florian is fulfilled.

"How it all began. Bruckner’s visions." St. Florian’s Monastery

4 May to 27 October 2024

The diverse exhibition at St. Florian’s Monastery shows the life of Bruckner during his time there. In the outside area, his visions become tangible in digital and interactive pavilions.

How it all began

Home port and place of yearning Listening experience Bruckner Organ

1 May to 26 October 2024

At the organ concerts in the unique ambience of the church, you can immerse yourself in the soundscapes of Anton Bruckner. (daily except Tuesday and Saturday, at 2.30 pm)

Experience the organ

On the trail of Bruckner St. Florian’s Monastery

1 May to 31 October 2024 (daily at 11.00 am, 1.00 pm and 3.00 pm)

On the trail of Anton Bruckner, the tours provide unique insights and also take the visitors into the monastery, where the organ is also situated, and to the composer’s sarcophagus.

Discover the monastery