Linz and its women Achievements, ideas and visions of women in Linz

“It is the people, not the buildings, that make the city,” said the ancient Greek statesman Pericles. Even some 2000 years on, we couldn’t have put it better. Whether it’s a smile boarding the bus, a friendly tip given by a shop attendant, or the willingness to lend a helping hand even if it sometimes goes unnoticed, it is the people who make Linz what it is. And it is the encounters with or between them that can spark enthusiasm for the city and forge memories for life. This year in Linz is no different, with everything revolving around people – and that includes a special emphasis on women.

Linz is showing its feminine side in 2022, with the city’s museums taking on a female focus. For instance, the Lentos Art Museum is featuring the works of Friedl Dicker-Brandeis, one of Austria’s first female abstract artists and one of its most versatile. The Nordico City Museum is currently home to two exhibits dedicated to feminist perspectives.

The Brucknerhaus concert hall also sounds great with its elevation of female musicians. And in the theatres, too, women artists are taking centre stage. In running its annual themes, Linz Tourism provides a condensed snapshot of the works on show at the city’s cultural venues. This creates a special dialogue, which is currently unfolding in these centres of culture before spilling out into Linz’s streets, shops and restaurants.

In its communications and stories about the city, Linz Tourism will be giving women a platform across its platforms. It’s going to be an exciting year!

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We’re giving every woman a platform! Let’s work together to put women’s achievements in the spotlight, showing our respect and appreciation – from everyday heroics to truly extraordinary deeds. These stories have to be told in 83 characters or less. The 8 and 3 are two numbers of great significance, with 8 March marking International Women’s Day, a symbolic occasion when it comes to opposing discrimination and promoting equality and women’s rights. And a date that demands particular attention for what should always have been the norm.

Whether it’s your own accomplishment you want to talk about or you want to use the space to put another woman in the spotlight, send your message so it can be seen by the whole user base for a full year.

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The Linz Walk of Fem

Forget Hollywood Boulevard – we’ve got the Danube Promenade! An array of golden stars, each marked with a woman’s name, dots Ernst-Koref-Promenade between the Lentos Art Museum and the Brucknerhaus concert hall. These stars honour women from Linz who have played an important role, making invaluable contributions to the development of their city and wider society. Among them are Ute Bock, a selfless campaigner for refugees and human rights, and Barbara Prammer, the first female president of the Austria’s lower house of parliament, the National Council. All those featured on the Walk of Fem and their accomplishments are listed online.

Walk of Fem Linz

Women in Linz’s museums

Turning the spotlight to what Linz has on display, there is a wealth of work by and with women in the city’s museums, whether these institutions are curated by women, focus on women artists or address women’s lives. To see what’s on throughout Linz’s museums, click here:

Exhibitions in Linz

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