Hearing is life. A sensory journey for a better quality of life. Acoustic City Linz

Our ear is the centre of our senses, of orientation, balance and hearing. In 2009 Linz as Cultural Capital of Europe called for a redesign of our audible environment, according to the slogan “Linz,changes”: Conscious hearing, no more permanent noise imposition in public space and in our homes.

Acoustic City is an initiative promoting a more conscious design of our audible environment intended to reach far beyond 2009. The initiative consists of a campaign against permanent noise imposition under the title “Beschallungsfrei”. Make a sensory journey to Linz. Experience acoustic refuges and acoustic events and gather information in special workshops.

The Acoustic City Linz invites you to rediscover the world of hearing.

Gastronomy without background music

Hotels without background music

You can also discover special acoustic events:

www.brucknerhaus.at www.landestheater-linz.at www.posthof.at www.bruckneruni.at

…or enjoy talks about acoustics

Project Acoustic City Linz