Welcome to Planet Linz!

Astronaut Lucy May and her colleague Scott Bell have chosen a mission to the planet Linz over their rocket flight to Mars. Why Linz? Find out in our latest film.

Are you also curious about this city on the Danube? The journey leads to the special in the everyday. Come along on this mission full of openness, curiosity and humor!


Planet Linz – a place where the impossible becomes possible. A world that values incompleteness, rather than perfection. A world that is still a bit rough around the edges. A different planet, yet so near.

Linz is many things, constantly changing and surpassing itself, it is becoming Planet Linz, where the little things that make us smile matter. Evolving doesn't always have to mean getting bigger, better, faster and wider. Rather, it is about focusing on the essential. So often, the magic lies in a brief moment that touches your heart. You can't explore the world from a distant space capsule; its wonders are hidden close to you.

Let's explore #planetlinz

Galactic experiences Your journey to the planet Linz

Start in T minus 30, 29, 28,... It's time to get on board and embark on an extraordinary journey: Like astronaut Lucy May and her colleague Scott Bell, you'll discover Linz as a planet with different continents. Which one will you land on? Each one is unique, full of small and large experiences that will fill your logbook with unforgettable memories.

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Short trip to Planet Linz

Discover Planet Linz, where the little things that make us smile matter.

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Turn your bus or train ticket into a Weltraumticket and land on Planet Linz. There you can exchange your sustainable public transport ticket for one of 1000 vouchers for a variety of Linz experiences!

Our Weltraumticket is sustainable, but a real flight into space is definitely not: space tourists can buy a flight into space for more than 440.000 euros. For the same amount of money, you can go 41.783 rounds with Lenzibald on the Grottenbahn, experience new technologies 21.437 times at the Ars Electronica Center or eat 50.310 pieces of Linzer Torte! And you're not just doing yourself a favor. Because unlike a flight to distant galaxies, a sustainable trip to Planet Linz is easy on the wallet and the environment, and now it's even rewarded!

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