From Toni to Anton Anton Bruckner in Ansfelden

On 4 September 1824, Anton Bruckner is born in Ansfelden, the son of a schoolmaster. The family lives in the schoolhouse, the schoolmasters in those times take on many music-related tasks in the village. The father of little Toni plays the organ, violin and piano. Instruments that the son soon learns, and his pronounced musical talent is apparent early on.

First Steps Anton Bruckner’s birthplace Ansfelden

4 May to 27 October 2024

Bruckner’s birth house, the former school, is now a museum, tells about the work of the composer, and provides multifaceted insights into his life.

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Open to new things Symphony Trail

all year-round

Throughout his life, Bruckner was curious and eager for knowledge. If you want to immerse yourself in his life, you can hike along the Symphony Trail. It connects the two important life phases in Ansfelden and St. Florian. At audiovisual stations, you can learn more about his life.

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