Following in the footsteps of Adalbert Stifter The Stifter Villa in Kirchschlag

Kirchschlag, located in the Mühlviertel region, was a second key location poet Adalbert Stifter would retreat to along with Lackenhäuser in Bavaria. He spent a great deal of time in the Kirchschlag villa in the last three years of his life. Stifter was often a guest at the villa, built in 1861 by friend and architect Johann Metz, who also built the Stifter residence in Linz.

The historically listed Stifter Villa, also known as the Metz Villa, was acquired and refurbished by the municipality of Kirchschlag in 2004. It opened as a multifunctional community centre in 2018. Concerts, readings, weddings, exhibitions, birthday parties and other events are regularly held here.

Not far from the villa, Adalbert Stifter, carved in stone, sits on a bench. The statue is an exact copy of the monument on the Linz Promenade.


Sifter Villa Kirchschlag 38 4202 Kirchschlag/Linz