Inspiration for travelling alongside the Danube Transdanube Travel Stories

Retelling the Danube - six itineraries - six stories that make traveling along the river an experience. The Transdanube Travel Stories combine selected places and sights into stories that can be experienced.

A short version and summary of the project's goal and stories can be found here.

Trail Nr. 1

Danubian Europe: the discovery of a “liquid space”

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Trail Nr. 2

Returning to the Last Danube: nature and mankind

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Trail Nr. 3

The Danube Adventure – Legions Heading for the Danubius The river that attracted cultures.

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Trail Nr. 4

“Cultural harvest” along the Danube: Art, music and architecture – a look at formative eras and their influences, wealth, splendour and landmarks

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Trail Nr. 5

Danube Trade: The exchange of stories and goods

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Trail Nr. 6

Danube for the soul

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Itineraries of the Danube stories