Shop till you drop Shopping in Ansfelden

Everyone loves a good shopping trip, and the Ansfelden community is no different. Those who like to spend their time window shopping and browsing to find a bit of hidden treasure will be delighted at everything the Haid Center has to offer in Ansfelden. The shopping centre first opened in 1991 and has now become a very popular destination. It is now home to a wide variety of different shops and eateries, spread across 60,000 m² of shopping space. It is also conveniently located, especially for those travelling by car, as it provides free parking facilities. Those travelling by public transport will also find it an easy journey. For example, the Haid IKEA/Haid Center bus stop is located right on the street near the shopping centre, with regular bus service (Bus 611). The Nettingsdorf railway station is also just a few minutes’ walk away.

Expect to find more than just a few little shops. The lifestyle segment has carved out a nice little niche here in Ansfelden. Start by exploring Musterhauspark, a park full of modern, pre-fabricated home designs. Only three such parks exist in the entire country, and they provide visitors with the opportunity to find their dream house (with 25 different houses shown) and provide information on how to start turning that dream into a reality. Once you’ve decided on your new home, you can look out furnishings to purchase right here in Ansfelden. The town is definitely turning heads in the furniture industry as well, with a large IKEA forming part of the Haid Center, plus two other furniture stores (mömax and kika), not to mention a number of smaller retailers. If you’re looking to give your own home a refresh, the shops in Ansfelden have everything a DIY enthusiast could hope for, including a large home improvements depot (Hornbach-Baumarkt), the Beinkofer tile showroom and the Bad & Energie bathroom showroom.

Haid Center Ikea-Platz 4 4053 Ansfelden

IKEA Einrichtungshaus Haid Haid Center Ikea-Platz 1 4053 Ansfelden

mömax Ansfelden Traunuferstraße 99 4052 Ansfelden

kika Traunuferstraße 97 4052 Ansfelden

Musterhauspark Haid Ikea-Platz 9 4053 Ansfelden

Fliesenschauraum Ansfelden Traunuferstraße 117a 4052 Ansfelden

Bad & Energie - Ihr Bäderparadies Traunuferstraße 117a 4052 Ansfelden