Treat yourself with this voucher Anton Bruckner Taler – a unique coin voucher programme

Good food, good company, and regional tavern heritage all come together with the Anton Bruckner Taler programme, named for both the famous local composer and the historical coin once used for currency, called a Taler. The coins make the perfect gift for family and friends, or to thank your partners and staff for their hard work. Anton Bruckner Taler coin vouchers are accepted in many restaurants and eateries in Ansfelden, and are sure to lead to family memories over a shared meal at a traditional tavern, or even at home, thanks to the many delivery and take-away options available.

Anton Bruckner Taler coin vouchers are available for purchase at the Sparkasse bank branches in Haid and Ansfelden, as well as from any participating venue.

Anton Bruckner Taler