A perfect partnership Linz and the Danube

Linz changes the Danube – and vice versa: the Danube bends at Linz, changing its direction. Is it just a coincidence that, at this very point in the river, a city has emerged that has undergone many changes?

The Danube is Linz’s lifeline. A zest for life and culture – these aspects especially come to the fore in Linz on the Danube. The river is a stage on which life plays out, and where the emphasis is on taking a more gentle pace and going with the flow.

A cultural experience on the river bank – Donaupark

The Brucknerhaus concert hall – Linz’s top venue for high-quality music performances – the Ars Electronica Center and the Lentos Kunstmuseum form the cultural mile right on the banks of the Danube. The bridge between steel city and city of culture is characterised by the large-scale metal sculptures in the “forum metall” exhibit in the Donaupark, where in summer all of Linz surges out into the open air and onto the water.

Located between the Brucknerhaus and the Lentos Kunstmuseum, the Donaupark is a popular meeting place for locals and visitors in the warmer months. For events, such as the Klangwolke, the area between the city and the Danube is transformed into an open-air stage several times a year.

Discover Linz by boat

Change your perspective and leave your cares on shore by taking a boat trip on the Danube. There are opportunities to cruise past the city’s sights as well as to embark on excursions into the beautiful Danube region or take evening boat trips with musical accompaniment and fine dining.

Boat operators based in Linz offer you the chance to unwind on a cruise on the Danube, to escape the stress of everyday life and discover a slower pace of life on the water.

A special highlight is a boat trip around the Mural Harbor, where you can admire more than one hundred pieces of graffiti by artists from around twenty-five countries in Linz’s harbour. Discover the wide range of cruise options on the Danube in Linz.

Active pursuits along the Danube

Whether on foot, inline skates or with Nordic walking poles: sports enthusiasts can let off steam along the Danube. Cyclists enjoy the varied route that pairs nature and culture along the Danube cycle path through Linz.

The long-distance Donausteig hiking trail covers a distance of 450 km from Passau via Linz to Grein. Along the route, hikers can encounter curious figures from myths and legends, impressive landscapes and unique cultural treasures.

The Donaupark is also a popular destination for sports enthusiasts. Whether for a spot of yoga or a run, you can really relax in this green space.

Transdanube Travel Stories

The Danube region, consisting of 14 countries, is home to a valuable natural and cultural heritage across Europe. The river has always been a border and a link between cultures and peoples, an important waterway for trade and pilgrims, a special natural spectacle and a lifeline for cities and towns.

The Transdanube Travel Stories retell the Danube and connect selected places and sights along six exemplary travel routes. These stories, be inspiration to travel and serve to understand the Danube. Set out to experience the Danube!

Transdanube Travel Stories

Journey along the Route of Emperors and Kings

Along the Danube, the Route of Emperors and Kings connects cities of cultural importance, historical treasures and world-class landscapes from medieval Regensburg via Passau and Vienna to the metropolis of Budapest. The history of Central Europe was written on the Danube – and it is still very much alive today. From Regensburg via Passau, Linz, Vienna and Bratislava, the route passes through one historic city after another, crossing national and linguistic borders all the way to Budapest. Beginning in Roman times, crowned figures with royal retinues have journeyed this way and, over the centuries, have turned these old roads into the Route of Emperors and Kings.