Thursday, 5.12.2024, from 20:00 Salzburg Advent - "The Advent feeling"

Salzburger Advent

The new programme "Das adventliche G'fühl" is intended to remind us of the Christmas of old through intimacy, simplicity and originality.

Christmas, the festival of the senses! - The wait for the one big day is perceived by many as a contemplative time. The twinkling lights, the sweet smell of baking familiar from childhood, traditions handed down from our ancestors. Those who embrace it are granted the grace of experiencing Advent with all their senses and feeling the Advent spirit for a precious moment. Our new 2024 programme with its many new songs, pieces of music and well-tried favourites will help to awaken this feeling in us and bring more contemplation and peace to the Advent season. This feeling is expressed particularly beautifully in the song by Albert Reiterer and Erich W. Holzmann that gives the programme its title: "Then the snow wind brings us a special peace!" and "....then you feel the longing like it used to be and awaken the Advent feeling inside you!""