Factory for ideas, creative centre and event location Tabakfabrik Linz – open due to renovations

An architectural jewel, the heart of the region’s creative industry and a cultural hotspot: Tabakfabrik Linz, the old tobacco factory, is an up-and-coming site with restaurants, shops, exhibition space, agencies and start-ups. The building complex stands for new beginnings and change, and anyone who is creative and curious will find a warm welcome here.

For 341 years, the site of today’s Tabakfabrik Linz was a production location for textiles and later for tobacco products as well. When construction of the tobacco factory began according to plans by star architects Peter Behrens and Alexander Popp in 1929, the building became a symbol of revival.

Following its closure, the city of Linz purchased the entire premises of the tobacco factory in 2010. Measuring 80,000 square meters in total, this listed gem of an industrial building has been in the process of being converted into a centre of the creative industry in Upper Austria since then. The tobacco factory – also colloquially referred to as ‘Tschickbude’, or ‘ciggy hut’ by locals – is a crucial part of the city’s efforts to position itself at the international level. A centre of creativity and cultural complex is gradually coming to life in the factory halls and continually opening itself up to visitors. The tobacco factory is in a constant state of change and is being developed continually.

Tabakfabrik Linz Innenhof c Gerhard Gruber

Experiences at the tobacco factory

Marie Galerie c LinzTourismus Leon Schaufler

Since it is a centre of creativity, the tobacco factory is an exciting place for visitors as well. The Valie Export Center has become a lab for ideas

The Prager Fotoschule is a school of photography with an equally open way of thinking. Its course for photography enthusiasts has been housed at the Tabakfabrik since March 2018. Works by contemporary photographers can be seen here on a continual basis. The MARIE Galerie is a further exhibition that is located in the Tabakfabrik – and likely the smallest in the world. Works of art, mini paintings and handicrafts are created here on rolling papers measuring some 24 square centimetres.

Those exploring the Tabakfabrik should make sure to pay a visit to the Charmanter Elefant as well. This charming restaurant serves up high-quality dishes, most of which are vegan or vegetarian. And there’s no shortage of creativity here either, of course.


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