The home of the great composer Hearing, seeing and hiking in the footsteps of Anton Bruckner

„Everything has its limitations. Bruckner goes beyond them…“

- Johannes Brahms

Everyone who is involved with Anton Bruckner inevitably stumbles on the 2009 Culture Capital of Europe, Linz, and its environs. Even today his presence is tangible.

Bruckner Biography

Some of his contemporaries christened him „Anton Bruckner, the unplayable“. He was born in Ansfelden in 1824. As an organist and musician, busy with the „Florianer Sängerknaben“, the boys‘ choir of St. Florian, and the Linz „Frohsinn“ Choir, the composer was absorbed in harmonic patterns and changed the tradition of symphonic music in that he based his instrumentation on the sounds and facilities of the organ.

Thus the musician created a new spectrum of sounds and has since been compared with Richard Wagner and other notable composers.

Bruckner Bueste vor Brucknerhaus Linz c linztourismus bin

Brucknerhaus Linz

The Brucknerhaus in Donaupark, planned by the Finnish architects Heikki and Katja Siren, is a landmark of Linz and offers top-class modern and classical music. Guided tours of the Brucknerhaus are available all year round on request.

Brucknerhaus Linz c Linz Tourismus Robert Josipovic

Bruckner Festival

The Brucknerhaus Linz is home to classical music and contemporary works. The Open Classic Night opens the annual Bruckner Festival, a concert series with national and international musicians in honour of Anton Bruckner.

Bruckner Orchester Linz Brucknerhaus c Winkler

Hearing Bruckner

The Linz Bruckner Orchestra looks back on a tradition and history of more than 200 years and has in the last few decades built up an enviable reputation as one of the leading orchestras in central Europe.

With its 110 musicians, it is not only one of the biggest concert orchestras of Upper Austria, but also the resident orchestra of the Linz Theatre, appearing in its musical productions.They also make CD recordings. The orchestra also tours all over the world (Europe, Japan, Turkey, USA).

More information about Bruckner Orchester Linz

Bruckner organ

It is literally a one-off opportunity to hear like Bruckner did. However, this is possible with the organ at the Old Cathedral (Ignatiuskirche) in the historic city centre of Linz. Having been modified to suit his wishes, the instrument still sounds like in Bruckner‘s days.

Anton Bruckner and St. Florian

Only 20 minutes away from Linz lies the parish of St. Florian, with its 6000 inhabitants. St Florian is renowned for its boys‘ choir, the Florianer  Sängerknaben, the Augustinian Monastery and its spiritual tradition which originated with its founder St. Florian. Also Anton Bruckner „God’s Composer“ is buried there.

Augustinian Monastery St. Florian

phone: +43 7224 89 02, fax: 89 02-23 
More information about the Augustinian Monastery St. Florian

Guided Tours: 
1 May – 18 October 2021, daily at 11am, 1pm and 3pm
Groups can be catered for at any time by appointment

Adult 11,50 €
Combined ticket Tour and Kaiserzimmer 15,50 €

Package: „Kunst & Klang“ („Art and Sound“)

  • Conducted tour of the Monastery
  • Listening to the Bruckner Organ being played
  • Lunch or Coffee and cakes in thecrypt restaurant

phone: +43 7224 8902

Stift St Florian c www.strassederkaiserundkoenige

Brucknerorgel (Organ)

From 23 May 2021
Mon, Wed, Thu, Fri, Sun 2.30 pm
Adult 7 €

Bruckner days St. Florian

14 to 22 August 2021

Anton Bruckner Symphony Walk

MP3-Player-Hire in ABC – Anton Bruckner Centre
phone: +43 7229 78333

Anton Bruckner Birthplace Ansfelden