Experience media art in Linz The Ars Electronica Festival

Immerse yourself in media art! Every September, Linz hosts the Ars Electronica Festival, which is famous far beyond Austria’s borders. Artists, researchers and scientists from all over the world are invited to the city on the Danube to address topics at the interface between art, technology and society in lectures, workshops, exhibitions and symposia.

During these autumn days, Linz becomes a showcase for media arts. Alongside the Ars Electronica Center, other institutions throughout the city also present exciting installations on a theme that changes every year.

On the festival days, visitors are able to experience interesting projects and the latest innovations from the world’s elite. And they are expressly encouraged to get involved by putting forward their own ideas, entering discussions and trying things out.

Ars Electronica Festival Linz A3 K3 c Dragan Ilic

Ars Electronica 2018: Error - The Art of Imperfection

6 to 10 September 2018

At what point does an error become a mistake, a fail, and what makes it the celebrated source of unprecedented ideas and inventions? An error is a discrepancy from what we expect, a deviation from the norm … but what is the norm and who establishes it?

How much tolerance can we summon up for deviations, and is it enough for the leeway and latitude that are necessary to unleash their inherent productive power which can be harnessed for social and economic innovation? Or will we allow ourselves to be misled by the populist rhetoric of fear and social scoring?

This day and age is characterized by a compulsion to achieve perfection and a seemingly unwavering faith in technology. But it is precisely imperfection that offers the greatest potential for new solutions. Our objective should not be optimization, since this is merely a best-possible approach and adaptation to what we can now think and deem correct.

More information about the festival theme and the program: www.aec.at/error/en