Shipping in Linz By the colourful Danube

Day trips on a boat

The Donauschiffahrt Wurm+Noé shipping company offers half-day and day trips between Passau and Vienna. The liners, which provide a regular service on this route and offer reasonable combi tickets for train and ship, are the perfect companions.

Special Danube tours

On the Culture Ship from Passau to Linz

The ticket price from Passau to Linz includes admission to one of Linz's museums. A different museum opens its doors for you every month.

Shipping & Culture

DFS Schönbrunn

Experience pure nostalgia on the only steamship on the Danube, the DFS Schönbrunn. The paddle-wheel steamship was built in 1912 and offers trips on the Danube on particular dates.
Departure: Ars Electronica Center pier

Schönbrunn river cruise

MS Kaiserin Elisabeth – a top-class excursion ship

The ship has 3 decks, extensive outdoor decks, 2 restaurants and even loungers. Food is prepared freshly on board on the trips between Passau and Vienna.
Departure: Urfahrmarkt pier

River curise with MS Kaiserin Elisabeth