Friday, 12.5.2023, from 20:00 Oxymoron: Great Reset, Misses Doe


The new album by the Upper Austrian prog rock band Oxymoron revolves around stations of the popular board game "Monopoly" or its equivalent in real life.

At the beginning, all players start at the same time ("Faites Vos Jeux") but soon they have to realise that some leave the others far behind with high numbers of dice ("Roll the Dice"). The system harbours more and more inequalities. The rich buy on "Regent Street", the others need welfare ("Community Chest"). Some are helped by Lady Luck ("Chance") others end up in prison / burnout ("Go To Jail"). Those who have earned 4 houses also build a hotel ("Grand Hotel") and soon there are only losers except for one ("All He Had"). The bitter end at the end, the game is over when everything belongs to one ("The Great Reset").