Wednesday, 3.5.2023, from 20:00 Sharktank: Acting Funny


With almost 10 million streams ("Washed Up") and invitations to festivals such as the Reeperbahn Festival and Eurosonic, one thing is clear: Sharktank have become an integral part of the music scene in the German-speaking world. And since their debut "Get it Done" at the latest, it has been rumoured that their international breakthrough will not be long in coming. With "Acting Funny" they will release their second album on 24 March 2023 and show themselves to be extravagantly experimental. Nevertheless, Sharktank remains Sharktank - only more multifaceted.

Familiar melodic vocals, synth sounds, rap and rock to pop tunes are skillfully interwoven by the band without giving the feeling of a bad snack mix. Light as a feather, they prove what it means to swim against and with the tide at the same time, without getting stuck in place; recognition value, a nomination for the Amadeus Music Award 2022 and a live session at the American station NPR included.

The summer was accordingly wide-ranging and across the indie and tastemaker festivals there was massive applause and appreciation. In April and May 2023, the trio will embark on their first proper tour in the German-speaking world, bringing band life par excellence with the addition of two live positions.