The focus is on people Conferences with added value: Blue Meeting®

Blue Meeting® is a new conference format developed by Linz Tourismus, which focuses on meaningfulness and quality of life. Linz, the creative city right by the Danube, as well as Ansfelden and Kirchschlag are particularly well suited to implementing this new event philosophy.

The concept of green events has further been developed, to give not only the environment more attention, but also the individual needs of people. There are three levels to Linz's Blue Meeting® concept: the person, the venue and the programme, the optimal coordination of which guarantees the event's success.

Stay human, find inspiration

The motto of the Blue Meeting® concept is: People are individuals, not machines to be filled with information at will. Conference participants are at their most receptive and productive at different times of day. By keeping in mind that the participants are individuals, you'll already have achieved a great deal.

Places where you feel good

Enclosed spaces without daylight and with a lack of fresh air? Not at a Blue Meeting®. In this event concept, the conference venue is adjusted to the people: Green plants liven up the location, consciously established places for conversation are used for networking, and sunlight in the breaks increases participants' attention.

A programme for people

With Linz's Blue Meeting® strategy, rigid programmes are made flexible: Unusual impulses awake curiosity, being able to arrive earlier or extend the stay allows participants to slow down, and the programme is made more casual in networking formats.

Organize your Blue Meeting® in Linz, Ansfelden or Kirchschlag

Successful meetings: Linz Tourism supports you in organising successful conferences with the new conference format, Blue Meeting®.

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