Linz and the Danube

Linz transforms the Danube – and vice versa: In Linz, the Danube curves and changes direction – here, it changes its face. Is it just chance that at exactly this point on the river, a city has emerged that has experienced many changes?

Today, Linz is a symbiosis as a city of industry, culture and international media arts. Linz's designation as a UNESCO City of Media Arts shows that, together with Lyon, Sapporo, Tel Aviv and Dakar, it is one of the world's most future-oriented locations.

Particularly in Upper Austria, the Danube is far more than the fascinatingly beautiful river landscape that stretches from the bend known as the Schlögener Schlinge to Grein, via the Linz Basin and the picturesque Strudengau region.

Schifffahrt Donau Linz c tom mesic