Arte Hotel Linz

Last updated: 17.06.2021 08:55

Placing accents, the art of creating space for living, allowing the visitor to plunge into the cultural scene of the city. 80 gigantic images are shown on 7 floors, which are each dedicated to one of Linz's major art institutions. A hotel can be more than just a place to stay - the arte Hotel Linz is more, a place that combines art, culture and the cosiness of your own home. It is inspirational and different in style, guests are invited to enjoy the individuality and charms of a new hotel concept. Be prepared to be surprised.

  • Air Conditioner
  • Breakfast
  • Family Friendly
  • HotelBar
  • Linz Weekend
  • Meeting Room
  • Parking Garage
  • Room WiFi
  • Sauna
  • Television
  • Wheelchair Room
  • WiFi
  • Credit card

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