Extraordinary art project HÖHENRAUSCH - The Other Shore

Exhibition, 24 May to 14 October 2018

The Höhenrausch circuit with its walkways, bridges and stairs, the various art spaces, attics, and the vast roof landscape high above Linz forms the atmospherically charged backdrop for this extraordinary art project.

Water is the focus of Höhenrausch 2018. Amorphous, volatile, and fluid, water has always been a foreign element for those confined to the land: fascinating and unfathomable in its abstract beauty, but also rife with menace under its seemingly “smooth” surface.

More than 40 international artistic contributions show how contradictory the element of water can be for us: a place where we may run aground or set sail for new shores, a place of exchange or conquest and also a utopia. The orientation point is always the other shore, sometimes easy to reach, sometimes beyond the horizon in the endless distance.

Blick auf Mariendom vom Hoehenrausch Turm c Oberoesterreich Tourismus Susanne Einzenberger

Visitor information

Exhibition period: 24 May to 14 October 2018
Opening hours: daily 10 am to 8.30 pm
Guided tours possible

Entry fee:
Adults: 12 Euros
Kids: 6 Euros

Tel: +43 732 784178-52555