An inspiring walk through Kirchschlag Spiriwalk to Linz

Linz is a vibrant city, yes. But it’s also a very moving place – right down to the city’s surroundings, paths and trails. The Mühlviertel area to the north of the city on the Danube will leave you with some unique perspectives after experiencing this area of wide open spaces and stunning beauty. The natural landscape’s many paths and places speak to us all, calling out to us as whole people. 

The Spiriwalk to Linz with Ferdinand Kaineder begins in Hellmonsödt, leading along the Saumweg trail to Kirchschlag, and down to the vineyard on the Riedl Trail. Getting out in the fresh air and moving our bodies frees up our minds for positive interaction with others, giving rise to almost spiritual places that uncover deep gratitude and joyful contentment within us. Walking the landscape surrounding Kirchschlag is a moving, inspiring experience, one that ultimately helps us find ourselves. 

Walkers will finish off their tour at chef Georg Friedl’s restaurant, Mühlvierteln, in Weingarten. Depending on the weather and the time of year, a number of seasonal delicacies are on offer. Georg Friedl himself is also on hand to share his personal philosophy of life, which he channels into his culinary and hospitality work.

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Sonnenblumen Kirchschlag c Linz Tourismus Benjamin Oberneder
  • Arrival: take the Upper Austria Transport (OÖVV) bus from Linz Central Station or hop on at one of the following stops until you reach the Hellmonsödt-Glasau stop 
  • Return: take the OÖVV bus from the Kirchschlag-Hochbuchedt stop
  • Activity duration: around 8 hours from arrival to departure (about three hours of walking and an elevation gain of 300 metres)
  • Route length: 10 kilometres
  • Tours run with a minimum of 7 participants and a maximum of 15 (or groups of up to 25 people)
  • Package price includes costs of organising travel, tour guide and Mühlvierteln in Weingarten: €65 (not including bus ticket)
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