Fun with a bow and arrow Ansfelden Archery Centre


Ansfelden Archery centre
ASK Nettingsdorf
Wasserwerkstraße 47
4053 Ansfelden
Tel.: +43 676 898480108

Opening hours

All year Monday to Sunday 8 am to sunset


Bow course incl. blowpipe course 7 €
Family ticket 15 €
Children up to 10 years free

Blowpipe course 3 €
Family ticket 5 €
Children up to 10 years free

Information for groups

On individual request

Put your concentration and coordination to the test – plus have loads of fun – and plan a visit to the Archery Centre. Opened in the summer of 2019, the 15,000-m² archery course has been a welcome addition to the schedule of activities available in Ansfelden, and is located at the ASK Nettingsdorf football pitches. 

It’s designed for both beginners and experienced archers, with a variety of different areas to suit any visitor. The facility is also wheelchair-accessible.

Archers can test their mettle with a traditional bow and arrow or a blowgun, airsoft weapon or air rifle.

There are 16 targets available, plus a 3D shooting range course with 24 animal targets, and 10 FITA rounds for competitions involving targets set at various distances. Prospective archers can choose from a large selection of rental bows available directly on site at weekends.

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