Mariendom (New Cathedral)

The largest church in Austria is situated in Linz – the New Cathedral (also called Mariendom or Maria-Empfängnis-Dom).

Beautiful glass windows decorate the cathedral, which was finished in 1924 and can accommodate 20,000 people. The sacred space is also fascinating. Mariendom is a haven of peace and an architectural masterpiece.

Enjoy the view over Linz from the spire. Or experience the captivating view of the church's interior at a height of 15 metres on a special tour of the church's accessible inner gallery. The tours are also well suited to children aged 5 and above and to families.

TIP: Experience Mariendom and other churches in Linz as havens of peace: On a shopping trip in lively Linz City, Austria's largest church is a place of tranquillity and relaxation.

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Opening hours and contact

Opening hours
Monday to Saturday: 7.30 pm to 7 pm
Sundays and holidays: 8 am to 7.15 pm

Holy Mass
Monday to Saturday 6.15 am
Sunday 9 am (childrens mess, except Hochfeste and holidays), 10 am Hochamt, 11.30 am, 6.15 pm 

Herrenstraße 26
4020 Linz
Tel. +43 732 946100