Discover Linz on the Danube The city that is constantly changing

"They must often change, who would be constant in happiness or wisdom."


No other city in Austria has experienced such an impressive transformation in recent years. And not only are the residents of the UNESCO City of Media Arts open to new ideas; the city as a whole is undergoing lasting changes as well.

All of the influences of the past have made the city what it is today: one of Austria’s most exciting urban centres, with a lively cultural scene.The diversity that Linz has to offer makes a visit particularly special.

Experience change

Linz Mural Harbor c OOE Tourismus Robert Maybach

Discover the future

Ars Electroncia Center Donau Linz c linztourismus LEckerstorfer

The past may have shaped the character of Linz and made many developments possible in the first place, but the here and now, and especially the future, have become today’s focus.

If you are curious about future developments, the city on the Danube is the place to be, and a visit to the Ars Electronica Center is a must. In the center’s Museum of the Future, pioneering technology meets visionary media arts. The city’s open-minded attitude is also reflected at Mural Harbor. One of the largest continuous graffiti galleries has emerged here in recent years

Enjoy stunning views

Blick auf Mariendom vom Hoehenrausch Turm c Oberoesterreich Tourismus Susanne Einzenberger

Inquisitive visitors can try out new things, make new connections and open up their minds to new developments in this UNESCO City of Media Arts.

Visitors will also gasp at the beautiful views from Pöstlingberg hill and the ‘Höhenrausch’. Caricaturist Gerhard Haderer’s School of Disobedience is a philosophical, political, humanist school of thought – with no bells for break time or standard lessons. That's where a change of perspectives is possible.

Experience history

Zeitgeschichte Linz c zoefotografie

At the same time, Linz will also be taking a close look back at its past, because without history, change would not have been possible. Exhibitions and tours give a closer look at the history of Linz.