Low budget Linz Events with free admission

Events do not need to be expensive! Open-airs, christmas markets, concerts or fairs: there is a long list of events which do not have an entry admission.

1 January 2019

Aperschnalzen Landhaus

A traditional Upper Austrian New Year's whip-cracking competition ("Schnalzen").

1 to 2 February 2019

Linzer City flea market

A special event for shopping fans!

19 to 20 April 2019

Gin and Food Festival

Culinary delights from all over the world in the Old Town.

27 April to 5 Maiy 2019

Urfahraner Fair

The largest and oldest fair in Austria has been captivating its visitors for over 200 years.

28 April 2019

Open day at the Old Town (Altstadt)

Get to know the shops of the Old Town.

3 May bis 1 November 2019

Fairytales in the Old Town

Kids listen to fairytales in the romantic atmosphere of the Old Town.

16 May to 22 August 2019

Music time at Old Town

Weekly live music of the finest quality in the open air at the Old Market Square in Linz's Old Town.

Long shopping night

Shopping event in the city center.

24 May 2019

Long night of the churches

Exhibitions, discussions, readings, lectures, music of all genres (from early music to 21st century compositions), children's programs, and much more.


The versatile and creative shops of Bischofstraße introduce themselves and invite you to a cosy party with music.

June to August 2019

Concerts at the Musikpavillon

Brass bands from all over Linz will play every Thursday. On Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays, the program offers a wide variety of music – from folk to pop, and from blues to vocal music, plus jazz concerts every Sunday.

6 to 8 June 2019

LinzAG Bubbledays

Festival with music, wakeboarder, culinary delights and more.

21 June 2019

Danube in Flames

Enjoy premium-class fireworks with great Music.

Festival of Nature

Linz's Danube Park features many exhibitors offering interesting information about Mother Nature.

Event at Herrenstraße

Shops at Herrenstraße present their variety.

Ufern - Danube-Beach-Festival

Culinary delights and music along the riverside of the Danube in Urfahr.

6 July 2019

Knights Fair (Familienbund-Ritterfest)

The Knight's Fair brings all the impressions of the chivalric Middle Ages back to life. The entire castle grounds are transformed into an adventurous market and tournament grounds, stretching all the way to the main square.

18 to 20 July 2019

Pflasterspektakel (International Street Performance Festival)

For over twenty years, this street arts festival – one of the largest in Europe – has transformed the Upper Austrian capital into a festival of very special encounters

2 to 3 August 2019

City flea market

A special event for shopping fans

9 August 2019

Danube in Flames

Enjoy premium-class fireworks with great music.

23 to 24 August 2019

Krone Fest

The Krone Open Air Festival offers all kinds of music, from Austropop, to pop and rock, to classical.

29 t8 31 August 2019

Wine & Art

Approximately 85 wineries will present their fine wines for 3 days in the very heart of Linz – its Old Town!

7 September 2019

Sparkasse OÖ Visualisierte Klangwolke (Cloud of Sound)

Since 1979, more than two million listeners have visited the Linz "Klangwolken" (Clouds of Sound) in the Danube Park, which has become a city landmark.

8 September 2019

Sparkasse OÖ Kinderklangwolke (Clouds of Sound for kids)

One afternoon the Danube park in Linz belongs to the kids.

28 September 2019

Sparkasse OÖ Klassische Klangwolke

A special concert at Brucknerhaus Linz

28 September to 6 October 2019

Urfahraner Fair

The largest and oldest fair in Austria has been captivating its visitors for over 200 years.

29 September 2019

Heritage Day

Visit historical important sights in Linz.

16 November to 24 December 2019

Christmas time in Linz

The scent of Christmas markets and the cake shops with their gingerbread and “Linzer Torte”, the lights of the city’s silhouette, with its mix of the modern and the historical and the temptations of shopping at Linzer City shorten the wait ahead of Christmas.