Friday, 21.4.2023, from 20:00 TanzTage 2023: Rosalie Wanka: Asymmetrical Encounters

Wanka Rosalie

What interfaces emerge between the seemingly gender-obsessed tango and the supposedly gender-neutral contemporary dance? In Rosalie Wanka's latest production "Asymmetrical Encounters", the tango becomes the engine of a contrasting, codified typification of body image and gender.

In collaboration with the international cast - Rodrigo Pardo, Damian Cortes, Cecilia Loffredo - and the Munich-based media artist Manuela Hartel, dream-like scenes are created. Each performer brings in their own subjective, biographical spaces. The audience finds itself transported into strange yet familiar worlds. The main focus is on the human abysses, which are to be illuminated and questioned with much humor on the possibility and impossibility of mutual understanding.

To this end, a series of encounters is staged in which different worlds collide. A clear assignment is prevented, seemingly absurd constellations subtly question (gender) identities, prejudices and the legitimacy of one's own world view. In the end, is it always a misunderstanding that brings us into the situation of miscommunication, or is it the narrow-mindedness with which people encounter each other?

Projections by Manuela Hartel illustrate on a visual level the different worlds of association in which the performers move.

The basis for "Assymetrical Encounters" is fed by the research project "Entanglements - Gender and Interculturality", for which Rosalie Wanka was supported in 2019 with a research grant from the Munich Department of Culture. Now Wanka will address the results of this research on stage.