Sunday, 30.4.2023, from 20:00 TanzTage 2023: Gravity & Other Myths: Out Of Chaos


Their name says it all: the Australian movement artists of Gravity & Other Myths unceremoniously relegate the laws of gravity to the realm of fantasy. Their latest creation, "Out Of Chaos," is the most daring and technically demanding work of the modern circus troupe to date. In an entrancing way, the award-winning artists demonstrate that there is a creative power in chaos.

The dark nothingness gives birth to a human being. He is still chatting away lonely in the bright cone of the spotlight. But soon other figures appear on the screen. At first, they all talk wildly in confusion, but structures soon emerge from the confusion, and cooperation develops. Light-footed and unforced, "Out of Chaos" moves between turbulent scenes of becoming and emerging and the apparent order in the here and now.

Gravity & Other Myths take the viewer into a fascinatingly alien world in which beings relate to each other in unexpected ways. To magically pulsating sounds, a woman lifts her wide dress. Immediately, others carry her up into the air and catch her again as gently and naturally as if she were a delicate moth. The performers build imposing human towers with an ease as if their virtuoso language of movement were the most normal thing in the world. Never does the breathtaking acrobatics degenerate into boastful ends in themselves, but is always part of a very personal and communal expression. Far from the glitz and glamour of showbiz, this kind of New Circus presents itself honestly, humorously and unaffectedly. Gravity & Other Myths explore boundaries with a nonchalance that is second to none.

Founded in 2009 in Adelaide, South Australia, Gravity & Other Myths push the boundaries of contemporary circus. The ensemble tours worldwide and has won numerous international awards. Gravity & Other Myths captivates with authenticity and creates shows that focus on interpersonal connection and acrobatic excellence.