Tuesday, 25.4.2023, from 20:00 Schmyt: Frühjahr


Schmyt is a phenomenon. Since the singer, songwriter and producer released his first songs a good two years ago, he has been the talk of the town. At first, only colleagues whispered behind closed doors, but a little later Schmyt was everywhere. With his own tracks in the big playlists, as a feature on the important albums by RIN and Haftbefehl, in the credits of big pop and rap songs - and with a billboard in New York's Times Square.

His acclaimed "Gift" EP earned Schmyt 2021 nominations for the Prize for Pop Culture, the New Music Award and the 1LIVE crown, and quite rightly so. With "Universum regelt" Schmyt released his debut album in May 2022 and goes a whole step further. It is an album that is unparalleled, not only in the local music landscape. An album that does everything differently. That throws any principles of pop music overboard, turns it inside out and thinks in a new way. Not as a pose, but as a principle - because it can't be any other way, can't be any other way, yes, must be: a universe of its own, with Schmyt as the center, as the rule-breaker, impulse-giver and - again - as the catalyst.

Together with Bazzazian (Haftbefehl) and Alexis Troy (RIN), Schmyt has developed a sound that only allows subtle connections with pop music in the true sense of the word. Sometimes of cinematic grandeur ("Mach Kaputt"), then again losing himself in minimalist attention to detail ("Ich wünschte du wärst verloren") - always in full awareness of what was, but also with a vision of what can still be.