Wednesday, 14.6.2023, all-day SCHÄXPIR Theatre Festival for Young Audiences 2023

„PLOCK!“ von Grensgeval aus Belgien

The 12th edition of SCHÄXPIR, the theatre festival for young audiences, will take place from 14 to 24 June 2023!

The theme of SCHÄXPIR 2021 is super natural. We ask ourselves what is natural and what is human-made. Has humankind already completely changed the planet, or are there corners where no-one has ever been before?

In the last few months we have experienced how our understanding of the world and our relationship to ourselves has changed profoundly. In 2021, SCHÄXPIR will ask questions about bodies of the future, community, utopias in analogue and digital space, climate, globalisation and its consequences for art and nature, and in general, questions of our time.


Theatre for young audiences in particular is an expert when it comes to theatre re-entering into dialogue with its audience. SCHÄXPIR is for everyone. SCHÄXPIR connects people, generations and the arts. Together we can draw strength from art and theatre and understand the world as changeable.

In 2021, SCHÄXPIR invites all people to engage with the question of what lies hidden above, below and between the visible things of the world. This much is certain: super natural.

Other dates
Thursday, 15.6.2023, all-day show
Friday, 16.6.2023, all-day show
Saturday, 17.6.2023, all-day show
Sunday, 18.6.2023, all-day show
Monday, 19.6.2023, all-day show
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