Tuesday, 11.3.2025, 10:00 to 18:00 Linz View: The city in focus

Gunther Damisch, Linz, 1990

In this new part of the collection, works of art as well as folkloric objects and other rare documents bear witness to the people of Linz, their traditions and special events.

These include the ever-changing cityscape, mobility, urban life, artistic creation, outstanding people, historical events and attributions, such as that as the "Führer City"; the only one within Austria during the dictatorship of National Socialism. As a stronghold of industry, the economy and work also come into focus. Finally, the question always remains: What is typical Linz?

New forms of access such as augmented reality are used to convey the various focal points in a lively way, and in between the visitors repeatedly meet the two fictitious museum residents: the City Muse and the Court Counsellor.

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