Thursday, 31.7.2025, 10:00 to 20:00 Linz compact: A short history of the city

Bernhard Strigel, Kaiser Maximilian I, um 1510

The new collection show focuses entirely on the concentrated history of the city. The first floor of the Nordico, which was specially converted for this purpose, is the only place in Linz where the city's history is told compactly in eight chapters. 

Here 2,500 years of Linz can be experienced in fast motion. The new format uses different media to summarise the city's formative events and shows its development from a Celtic settlement to a provincial capital, from a supra-regional transport hub to an industrial location and finally to a self-determined cultural city. In the process, different influences on events, such as the location on the Danube or changing political ideologies, become visible.
With plenty of room for further immersion and lingering, the journey through the chronicle of the state capital offers something new for everyone.

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