Saturday, 13.5.2023, from 20:00 Clara Luzia: Howl At The Moon, Gaze At The Stars!

Posthof Linz

Clara Luzia's new and eighth studio album "Howl At The Moon, Gaze At The Stars!" strikes somewhat calmer notes again, but it still doesn't go back to the intimate-fragile roots of the early days.

With her current band consisting of Wolfgang Möstl (git), Peter Paul Aufreiter (b), Catharina Priemer-Humpel (dr) and Philipp Staufer on the mixing desk, she creates a powerful sound that doesn't shy away from rock clichés like guitar and drum solos, but still remains true to an indie ethos. Those who have experienced the 1990s musically will undoubtedly hear them live, but Clara's songwriting is timeless and versatil, so that a concert evening from mosh pits to crying fits will turn out so many things.