Friday, 15.7.2022, 15:00 to 19:00 Made of wood: versatile, innovative, climate friendly


How does a tree turn into a house?

The exhibition follows the path of the tree from the forest, through production to the many possible applications. Based on selected timber constructions from the region, Austria and the whole world, it shows the technical and design possibilities offered by modern timber construction. The legal framework conditions, the ecological and climate-friendly importance of timber construction and future trends in timber construction are also discussed. The museum building in which the exhibition takes place is already an exhibit, since it is an early example of a mobile pavilion. Designed for the 1998 Winter Olympics in Japan by Johannes Kaufmann and Oskar Leo Kaufmann, it was transferred to Austria after the Games and built up in Riedau. Modular construction has long since become a popular construction method in timber construction – several examples can be seen in the exhibition – and yet it is only one of many ways to build with wood.

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