Friday, 8.7.2022, from 22:00 Acidez, Ewig Fröst


Hardcore Punk/Speed Metal concert.

Since the Mexican hardcore punk band Acidez started making music 15 years ago, they have managed to make a name for themselves in the scene worldwide. Influenced by 80s and 90s British punk rock, the band started with classic street punk, in whose sound elements of thrash, D-beat and rock ́n ́roll crept in over time. In their lyrics they contradict the system, persistent injustices and their roots in selfishness and greed. The transgression of religious dogmas, which still manipulate our society, can also be found thematically in the lyrics.
Initially formed in 2003, Austrian Speed Metal Punks Ewig Frost put the pedal to the metal with hellfire roaring out of their hoods. Over the top and gloriously go for the throat, mastermind Nïïtro (composing, lyrics, guitars & vocals) has tattooed a message of evil across the globe for eight releases and nearly twenty years. Piece by piece they perfected a blackened Rock’n’Roll sound reflecting their apocalyptic visions.