Saturday, 15.3.2025, 9:00 to 12:30 voestalpine Contemporary History MUSEUM


In the "Zeitgeschichte MUSEUM" voestalpine remembers the Nazi forced labourers of the Reichswerke Hermann Göring in Linz.

The museum is a living place of remembrance and active engagement with a dark chapter of Austria's contemporary history. The focus is on the forced labourers of the Reichswerke Hermann Göring in Linz - their fates and life stories.

The Hermann Göring Werke shaped the city of Linz both structurally and economically. They have permanently changed the social fabric of the city. The traces left behind in the public space are still evident today. The effects on the victims of the past, the coercive nature and the extent of the labour involved, on the other hand, were suppressed for a long time and are virtually absent from the general consciousness. Changing this is a central concern of this museum.

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