Friday, 9.9.2022, all-day Ars Electronica Festival 2022

Deep Space Music by NOHlab

Ars Electronica is one of the world’s largest media art venues, a digital music festival, a showcase for creativity and innovation, and a playground for the next generation – Ars Electronica is a world-class festival for art, technology and society.

Ars Electronica has followed, anticipated and analyzed the digital revolution and its origins, its successes, even its follies. As a festival for art, technology and society, the cultural and social significance of new technical and scientific developments has always been at its forefront. This year, Ars Electronica celebrates its 40th anniversary and as always turns its gaze forward, in an artistic and scientific survey of digital reality, its future prospects and our options for action.

In keeping with its title “Out of the Box – the Midlife Crisis of the Digital Revolution,” we embark on an expedition to artistically and scientifically survey our modern world and its techno-economic influences, its future prospects and our options for action.


Other dates
Wednesday, 7.9.2022, all-day show
Thursday, 8.9.2022, all-day show
Saturday, 10.9.2022, all-day show
Sunday, 11.9.2022, all-day show