Culture Pilots - Intercultural Walks

You are planning an exciting cultural tour for your organization? Then we are the right address for you!

Migrant women were trained at BFI to guide visitors through the neighbourhoods of Linz. The Culture Pilots are not just city guides in the classical sense, but companions through their own subjective living environments. The visitors get the opportunity to immerse into the very special and individual world of the Culture Pilots. The tours are participatory and invite the guests to become active and to also share their own stories; in doing so an intercultural exchange is possible.

You will be accompanied by Culture Pilots from different origins and cultures. The culture tour can be booked through up the year.

Guided tours through Linz:

  1. Alt Urfahr
  2. Ebelsberg – Memories of the Homeland
  3. Froschberg
  4. From Angola via the Pöstlingberg to Poland
  5. Around the train station– People in time and space
  6. To Bindermichl
  7. The Spallerhof with all its rough edges
  8. Migration and Religion
  9. Wiener Straße – down a gastronomic road
  10. Humboldtstraße
  11. Franckviertel


IBUK association
Goethestraße 22, 4020 Linz
0043 650 998 65 10

For any further information needed please contact the association under the following telephone number 0650/998 65 10 or via email!


Duration: from 90 Minutes
Cost: from 100 € includes the service charge
Number of participants: from 5 person

Linz Tourismus only acts as an agent in this context. Only the business and the service recipient enter into a contractual relationship.