Creativity and team spirit in unique missions Playful teambuilding with Montee

“Out of the box” Linz - Montée City Escape Game 2.0

You will get to know all of Linz in a very special way at this original team event, featuring athletic and exciting highlights.

The Team Secret Escape Game involves solving tasks and finding interesting places away from the tourist areas. During the tour, the idea is to collect codes during activities so that you can crack the secret Company Treasure Box with different code locks per team. All locks in the Company Treasure Box have to be cracked during exciting tasks and puzzles hidden all over Linz.

The Mission Story leads the teams to the most original places in the city, or to those only known by insiders – and that's where teamwork is required to obtain the codes of the Secret Escape Games!

Montee City Escape Game c montee com

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Dates: individually negotiable
Start in the Danube region
People: 10-300
Duration: 3-4 hours

Alternative bad weather programmes by Montée: Montée Domino Mega Chain Reaction

Montee Challenge c montee com

Communication & teamwork – strengthen your team performance!

The participants are broken up into smaller teams and will have the task of using dominoes to set up a logo or company theme on several seminar tables. The group tables are then connected with ball tracks, and now it's time to trigger a big chain reaction.

Secret Escape Game Mission 2.0 High Tech Box (also possible indoors)

Solve truly incredible puzzles and tasks never seen before in the team & crack all of the Company Treasure Box locks. Experience a new adventure together with your team, individually customised by Montée.

Come together and communicate in a team. Have fun, unique group experiences and awaken team spirit – everything can be achieved on this synergetic mission.  

Various completely surprising tasks are waiting for you, demanding varied intellectual skills and mental capacity, which contribute to improving the development of creative skills.

Thanks to the Montée outdoor and indoor concept, the mission can be done anywhere and in any season. Crack the code locks to open the secret Company Treasure Box and reveal new perspectives.

Secret Escape Game Mission c montee com

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Dates: individually negotiable
Number of participants: 5-10 people per team, up to 20 teams at the same time
Duration: 2-3 hours


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